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All versions

  • Null odmdata cause hang on boot with tegra_defconfig UART_VIA_ODM setting
    • Fix odmdata by flashing correct bct or switch DEGUL_LL to UART_A or disable it at all if not needed


  • Works


  • tegra_pmc driver oops on init (multiplatform config, openSUSE default for example)
    • Thierry Reding already submited fix, it should go to next kernel release.
      • FIx released in 4.2.1


  • LCD fail to start shows white,black or color garbage screen, without any later changes.
  • tegra_pmc driver oops on init (multiplatform config)
    • Fix released in 4.1.8


  • 3.19-rc4+ have multiple boot problems on ac100 with tegra_defconfig
    • Need to switch from SLAB to SLUB
    • Need to disable SMMU/Tegra gart otherwise fb console solid white
      • Chat with digetx on #tegra
<zombah> hello, i have solid white screen instead of linux fb console with tegra_defconfig, current mainline kernel 3.19-rc4+ on toshiba ac100 (tegra 2). Any one already know something about this issue?
<digetx> zombah, try to disable tegra gart driver in kernel config
<zombah> digetx: will try now
<zombah> digetx: i got hard freeze without oops/panic without gart, but i will run couple more test to be sure
<zombah> digetx: disabling all iommu group worked here 
<zombah> digetx: thank you
<digetx> zombah, you welcome
<zombah> digetx: do you by chance is it result of memory: Add NVIDIA Tegra memory controller support patch?
<digetx> zombah, are you sure that disabling gart isn't sufficient?
<zombah> digetx: i will double check now, tried bisecting latest changes to iommu
<digetx> I just tried rc4 with disabled gart in qemu and it booted fine
<zombah> digetx: you left smmu enabled and disabled only gart?
<digetx> as far as I remember, problem is that tegra drm driver assumes that iommu presets, but gart driver isn't hooked to drm
<digetx> only gart disabled
<zombah> digetx: will double check and also will test from sd card, i tested loading to memory with tegrarcm
<digetx> wait a minute, I just noticed that graphical console is freezed but serial worked
<zombah> digetx: that the issue i have with both gart and smmu enabled, serial working, lvds connected lcd whole white
<digetx> I'll check now
<digetx> it definitely worked with rc2 when I was playing with big endian support
<zombah> digetx: disabling only gart worked this time. probably my preveious config was not exact tegra_defconfig as i played with slab
<digetx> ok
<digetx> ah, right. I forgot to apply fix for usb probe
<zombah> digetx: i have also this oops if i keep default tegra_defconfig slab [   20.988323] kernel BUG at /home/zombah/src/sosboot-build/kernel/mm/slab.c:2723!
<zombah> but maybe its not fatal, it result in  Kernel panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill init! exitcode=0x0000000b
<digetx> zombah, beginning of stacktrace might show what caused it
<zombah> digetx: if you can take a look its here
<zombah> switching from slab to slub/slob fixes panic
<digetx> zombah, it just hides existing problem
<zombah> digetx: some known one in 3.19? because no such one here with 3.18.2
<digetx> your log definitely tells that there is some problem with nvec driver
<zombah> digetx: you think slab affect nvec? this two warnings also happen with slub but no panics
<digetx> "(cache_free_debugcheck) from [<c00ed124>] (kfree+0x64/0x11c)"
<digetx> you probably have slab debug on and it fires bug
<zombah> digetx: yes mainline tegra_defconfig have it
<zombah> im using it as is to test new mainline on ac100
<digetx> it's probably double freeing issue


  • Works
  • There is report that suspend/resume not working


  • Works
  • There is report that suspend/resume not working


  • Works


  • First mainline which dont require additional patches for paz00 to work out of the box
  • Works