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Ubuntu 11.10

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Please note: this ubuntu version is outdated. Most likely, official Ubuntu 12.04 will give you better experience.

This is a preinstalled and pre-configured version of Ubuntu 11.10. It's presented in .img file format. This may help beginners to install linux without unpacking rootfs, formatting flash disk to ext2/3, etc.




Login: user Password: ac100

NB: This image will work with Toshiba AC100 8 Gb only!


  • software-center
  • avahi
  • mono


  • openbox
  • obmenu
  • obconf
  • tint2
  • chromium
  • pidgin
  • volumeicon
  • conky
  • marchobmenu

Functional keys work for the volume and brightness adjust. Android «Home» button is used as FN key. Backlight level saved after reboot.


How to install?

  1. make backup (optional, but recommended)
  2. connect AC100 to Windows PC (linux users do not need to read this manual)
  3. turn on in the recovery mode (hold CTRL + ESC, press Power)
  4. start install.bat file
  5. this can take half an hour or more (5,5 Gb will be sent)

Known problems:

  • no suspend on lid close, there is a working menu item in Openbox.
  • "Update app menu" does not work. Solution: change this menu item command via menu editor to:
  • mom-daemon update && mom-daemon show > /home/user/.config/openbox/app.xml

Download available trough OpenBitTorrent: Ubuntu.torrent AC100 Ubuntu.torrent (5.5 GB, as the 14th partition size)

Dear visitors:

For Ubuntu installation on your Toshiba AC100, please visit the following links:

Download: Ubuntu 11.10 http://thepiratebay.se/torrent/6903351

Manual: Ubuntu 11.10 preinstalled http://ac100.wikispaces.com/Ubuntu+11.10+preinstalled (*)

(*) please use google translator for translation if required :-D