Конфигурация ядра

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Конфигурация ядра для использования с системой Андроид

Описание обязательных для андроида опций конфигурации ядра.

Конфигурация ядер до версии 3.3

  • Основные опции по включению Андроида
Device Drivers
 Staging drivers
      [*]   Android Binder IPC Driver                                                            
      <*>   Android log driver                                                                    
      [*]   Android RAM buffer console                                                            
      [*]     Enable verbose console messages on Android RAM console                              
      [*]     Android RAM Console Enable error correction  --->
                    --- Android RAM Console Enable error correction                                              
                    (128) Android RAM Console Data data size                                                    
                    (16)  Android RAM Console ECC size                                                          
                    (8)   Android RAM Console Symbol size                                                       
                    (0x11d) Android RAM Console Polynomial                                    
      [ ]     Start Android RAM console early                                                     
      [*]   Timed output class driver                                                              
      <*>     Android timed gpio driver                                                           
      [*]   Android Low Memory Killer
  • Включение Ashmem
General setup
      [*] Enable the Anonymous Shared Memory Subsystem
  • Включение Wakelock, нужен для коректной работы сна
Power management options
      [*]   Wake lock stats                                                                     
      [*]   Userspace wake locks                                                                  
      [*]   Early suspend                                                                          
         User-space screen access (Sysfs interface)  --->
  • Включение Android Paranoid Network
Networking support
 Networking options
      [*] Only allow certain groups to create sockets
  • Включение Device Mapper, нужен для работы сервиса Vold
Device Drivers
 Multiple devices driver support (RAID and LVM)
   --- Multiple devices driver support (RAID and LVM)                                          
       < >   RAID support                                                                       
       <*>   Device mapper support                                                                
       [ ]     Device mapper debugging support                                                     
       <*>     Crypt target support                                                                
       < >     Snapshot target                                                                     
       < >     Mirror target                                                                        
       < >     RAID 1/4/5/6 target (EXPERIMENTAL)                                                   
       < >   Zero target                                                                            
       < >   Multipath target                                                                       
       < >   I/O delaying target (EXPERIMENTAL)                                                     
       [*]   DM uevents (EXPERIMENTAL)                                                              
       < >   Flakey target (EXPERIMENTAL)
  • Включение Android USB Gadget
Device Drivers
 USB support
  USB Gadget Support
       (500) Maximum VBUS Power usage (2-500 mA)                                                   
       <*>   USB Peripheral Controller (Nvidia Highspeed USB 2.0 device controller)  --->         
       <*>   USB Gadget Drivers (Android Gadget)  --->
  • Включение Android Alarm
Device Drivers
 Real Time Clock
       [*]   Android alarm driver                                                             
       [*]     Android alarm device