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RCM loading

It is possible to boot paz00 into Buildroot in RCM (APX) mode from host PC with.

WIP sources

Initrd relocation

Starting from U-Boot v2014.07 tegra-common-post.h contain changes for distro loading, which disables initrd relocation:

 "fdt_high=ffffffff\0" \
 "initrd_high=ffffffff\0" \

this is breaks initrd image loading by kernel, error in dmesg:

[    0.000000] INITRD: 0x00540040+0x014a5523 overlaps in-use memory region - disabling initrd

To fix it we need to override this variables in RCM image script, boot.scr:

setenv initrd_high''
setenv fdt_high ''