Mainline kernel for Android

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  • Kernel 3.18 picasso-kernel by digetx
    • Upstream 3.18 with android specific patches and forwardport of downstream nvidia drivers


Current status

Minor issues

  • Format ext4 partitions takes very long time (10+ min)
    • Tested with cwm factory reset
  • On AC/Battary status change not reported
    • Probably some new sysfs node name?
  • No alsa spdif driver node
  • No jack detect patch yet
  • MiniUSB hotplug not working yet, only if inserted before power on
    • Maybe because vbus regulator dt for ehci1 port not defined?

Major issues

  • No power button/lid support in nvec driver
  • Cursor or overlay windows create lag with fixed timeout
    • Probably hal or blob problem?

Old notes

  • Modules for initrd
[01:08] <marvin24> needs the following modules in initramfs: i2c-tegra
[01:08] <marvin24> tps6586x-regulator
[01:08] <marvin24> rtc-tps6586x
[01:08] <marvin24> host1x
[01:08] <marvin24> pwm-tegra
[01:08] <marvin24> pwm-bl
[01:08] <marvin24> panel-simple
[01:08] <marvin24> tegra-drm
[01:08] <marvin24> sdhci-tegra
[01:08] <marvin24> nvec-kbd
[01:08] <marvin24> nvec-ps2
[01:08] <marvin24> ok, last one is optional