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Sosboot-ng guide


New generation of sosboot R5 recovery tool.
SOSBoot is the AC100 Swiss Army knife. It's a minimalistic self containing linux system designed to solely fit inside the Recovery partition of the AC100.
Currently SOSBoot consist of five parts: Linux kernel, Buildroot rootfs, U-Boot bootloader, packing tools and custom scripts

Where to download source and binary

Current features

  • Include upstream kernels (stable and mainline)
  • Have serial console working with getty login
  • Kernel config have all AC100 hardware enabled for testing
  • Working sysV init
  • Include android installer
  • Include more tools to test
    • usbtools
    • wireless-tools
    • bluez-utils
    • alsa-utils

How to run binary

  • Install tegrarcm opensource tool from Nvidia
  • Load directly to AC100 ram from PC with tegrarcm tool
    • Connect AC100 to PC with miniUSB and start APX mode CTRL+ESC+POWER
      # tegrarcm readbct --bct=ac100.bct
      # tegrarcm --bct=ac100.bct --bootloader=<sosboot-ng binary name .bin> --loadaddr=0x108000

Included scripts

  1. Multifunctional script to switch from factory proprietary fastboot bootloader to U-Boot
    1. Name: switch-to-uboot
      1. Location:
        # /switch-to-uboot
      2. This script is SFX archive you can extract its content to some folder this way, for example if you need run individual parts of script:
        # mkdir /tmp/switch
        # /switch-to-uboot --noexec --keep --target /tmp/switch/
  2. Script to simplify installation of Android system with gpt partition table and U-Boot bootloader
    1. android installer
      1. Location:
        # /installer

How get sources and compile it manually

  1. Install git-repo tool if you dont have one yet:
    $ curl > ~/bin/repo
    $ chmod a+x ~/bin/repo
  2. Create working folder and move inside it
    $ mkdir sosboot
    $ cd sosboot
  3. Init git-repo manifest branch
    1. For development branch:
      $ repo init -u git:// -b for-next
    2. or for stable branch:
      $ repo init -u git:// -b sosboot-ng
  4. Download sources:
    $ repo sync
  5. Compile sources:
    $ ./build_all
  6. Clean whole sources if want to recompile:
    $ ./clean_all

Advanced topics

  • If you need recompile for example only kernel
$ ./scripts/clean_sosboot
$ ./scripts/clean_sos-uboot
$ ./scripts/clean_kernel
$ ./build_all

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