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U-Boot menu concept for AC100

Our menu

  • Uboot start with boot delay say 5, if no key pressed auto start or our defined env
  • If key pressed show menu
  • Menu contain
    • Boot from MMC's
      • Choose mmc0 (internal flash) or mmc1 (sdcard) default variants which search for /boot and boot.scr
        • Ability to choose recovery or normal boot
    • Boot from USB
      • Same as from MMC's
    • Boot by direct raw reading from MMC0
      • Legacy compatibility
      • First option boot recovery, mmc read recovery kernel and initrd
      • Second option normal boot

Run commands example

mmc dev 0
mmc read 0x1000000 0x3404 0x12ac   
mmc read 0x2200000 0x46b0 0x150
bootz 0x1000000 0x2200000

mmc read syntax: mmc read <addr in memory to which store read data> <sectors to read from start, multiple to 512 bytes>

        • For booting boot.img stuff with mmc read kernel must contain working cmdline or find way parse one from emmc
    • Exit to U-Boot console
    • Reset device

Fastboot legacy info

  • Android boot.img offsets
    • Похожу эта инфа устарела или я не правильно понимаю, но у boot.img формат по виду другой

Boot img offsets.jpg