Ubuntu and u-boot

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TODO: switch kernel from ver 3.1 to 3.8 (to avoid usb issue)

1. Change /usr/share/flash-kernel/db/all.db Switch mode from "android" to "general" for ac100

Machine: Toshiba AC100 / Dynabook AZ
Method: android
Android-Boot-Device: /dev/mmcblk0
Required-Packages: abootimg
Bootloader-sets-root: no


Machine: Toshiba AC100 / Dynabook AZ
Method: generic
U-Boot-Kernel-Address: 0x1000000
U-Boot-Initrd-Address: 0x0
Boot-Kernel-Path: /boot/uImage
Boot-Initrd-Path: /boot/uInitrd
Bootloader-sets-root: no

2. Install u-boot-tools

sudo apt-get install u-boot-tools

3. Update kernel

sudo flash-kernel

4. Check that /boot contains uImage-ubuntu and uInitrd-ubuntu