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Ubuntu 12.10 with U-Boot on AC100

Clean tegrapart PT

On 8Gb dev tegrapart PT data left untouched (for now) Clean it for Ubuntu kernel see only new gpt partitions

  • Example for sosboot with sd inserted, sectors based on Android new pt example
dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/mmcblk1 bs=512 seek=34 count=$((7167-34+1))

Upack ubuntu boot image

to separate kernel and ramdisk

  • Extract data from ramdisk to some folder

Modify scripts/installer on ramdisk

Installer script use old tegrapart procedures, need new ones u-boot adopted

Pack ramdisk

Usual initrd pack then mkimage from u-boot

Files setup

Place prepared kernel and ramdisk to LNX partition boot folder (/dev/mmcblk1p2) with unique names.

Create new u-boot script which include them as option. Place it over Android script at SOS partition boot folder.


Screen stays blank for me without cmdline. Need to test with proper cmdline.